A Call to Action! Your Children and Grandchildren are Depending on You!

Last week, the House passed the renewal of NCLB with S1177. You can read about that bill here. Our own Kristi Noem voted for this 1061 page monstrosity with less than 72 hours to read it.

We are told the Senate will vote on this leviathan this week. The education establishment has been busy helping to write this bill getting what they want. The problem is, Congress left out parents, teachers and children. In fact, they are pretty well versed in ignoring parents. It is time to see yourselves as lobbyists. The organization you represent is your family and your children or grandchildren. There is not one education establishment lobbyist that has your family’s interest at heart. You do!!! I know there is nothing you wouldn’t do for your family.

S1177 is a threat to families and children. If ever there was a time for you to step out into something that may be uncomfortable, contacting US Senators, this is it!! And contacting them more than once is vital! Contacting them through every means possible is a must!

  1. If you are on Twitter, the Patriot Journalist Network has made tweeting every Senator easy. They have set up a page where with one click, you can tweet Senator Thune or Rounds, or any Senator for that matter. Please go to this page and tweet your Senators daily.

@SenJohnThune @SenatorRounds  Hashtags:  #StopESEA #ReadTheBill #GetItRight

2.  After you tweet them, please call their offices. Listed below are the phone numbers for each Senator or you can call 202-224-3121 and asked to be connected to the Senator’s office of your choice. After you call the DC office, please call the regional offices telling that office that you want the Senator to stand with the families of South Dakota and vote NO on S1177. Below are listed all the phone numbers you will need to do this.

Capitol Hill Switchboard: 202-224-3121
Senator Thune – DC office – Toll-Free: 1-866-850-3855
Rapid City, Phone: (605) 348-7551
Aberdeen, Phone: (605) 225-8823

Sioux Falls, Phone: (605) 334-9596

Senator Rounds – DC office Toll Free: (844) 875-5268
Pierre, Phone: (605) 224-1450
Rapid City, Phone: (605) 343-5035
Sioux Falls, Phone: (605) 336-0486

Aberdeen, Phone: (605) 225-0366

3.  Then, email them telling them to stand with South Dakota families, not the Education lobbyists and vote NO on S1177.

Sen. Thune email

Sen. Rounds email

The following day: REPEAT

The following day: REPEAT

I know it is a busy time of year and we are all getting ready for the holidays, taking care of our families and working. Congress also knows this and is counting on you being too busy to contact them. If you can only do one or two things per day, at least do that much! I believe they have underestimated the power of the lobbyist group made up of mama and papa bears.


ESEA 1061 pages

Why We Must Stop the ESEA Rewrite Ocotpus







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