Please Stand with Dan and #TeamJax

As many of you know, Rep. Dan Kaiser, Dist.3, has been a great friend to South Dakotans fighting the nationalization of our K-12 schools through the Common Core Standards.  In the 2015 Legislature, Rep. Kaiser led the smoke out of a bill to end Common Core in South Dakota. (Link1)

Dan Kaiser and family

On January 5, 2016, Rep. Kaiser’s 5 year old son, Jaxon, was diagnosed with ALL leukemia. As any parent would, Rep. Kaiser and his wife have chosen to spend all their time with their son during his treatment of this life threatening illness. The people of South Dakota, the people of Aberdeen, (Dan is a police officer with the Aberdeen Police Department) and District 3 have certainly understood and supported Rep. Kaiser.

Today, I am asking you to #Stand With Dan and his family, as they are in the fight of their lives. First and foremost, please pray for Jaxon’s healing. An account has been set up to help with expenses and to allow Dan and Laura to be with their son. Please consider financially supporting the Kaiser family. You can do that at GoFundMe. If you are on Facebook, you can follow updates at TeamJax.

It’s time to #standwithdan and #TeamJax!

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