Colin Kaepernick Receives NEA’s Highest Award

With the announcement that Nike was renewing Colin Kaepernick’s contract making him the face of the 30th anniversary of “Just Do It”, many were surprised that Nike would make such a controversial choice for their campaign.

Colin Kaepernick rose to fame, or maybe infamy, with his public protest of oppression of African Americans, by taking a knee during the National Anthem at NFL football games.


Many were outraged by Nike’s choice. There were videos of people burning their Nike apparel. People were vowing to boycott Nike. That is the right of the people to choose where to spend their money. After all there are other sports apparel companies who would love to have your business.

I don’t think people are aware of Kaepernick’s ties to your hard earned taxpayer money in our public schools. Taxpayer money you get no choice about. You see, earlier this year, the National Education Association, (NEA), gave Kaepernick its highest award, the President’s Award.

“Former San Francisco 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick received NEA’s highest honor, the NEA President’s Award, for his work to fight racial oppression through education and social justice activism with his Know Your Rights Camp.”

At NEA, you can see this list of awards. Please check out the list of awards and who received them. The causes and people the taxpayer funded (teacher pay union dues) NEA chooses to recognize will be eye opening.

After reading through the list, ask yourself. Could it be that the NEA is more concerned with social justice, social change and activism than it is with academics? Could it be that the SDEA, the South Dakota arm of the NEA, is also more concerned about social justice, social change and activism than it is with teaching academics?


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