House Ed Committee Votes to Not Protect Student Data

HB 1184 was heard in House Education Committee today. This bill would have regulated what information the Digital Learning (DL) platforms our children use in school can share and store. Think of your credit card or an online transaction. By law, you receive a privacy policy statement telling what that company will do with your personal information. You must click agree to use that card or make that transaction.

This bill would have done the same thing for our children. Unfortunately, there are members of the committee who did not think that it was worth the money to do this or it is already being done. I’m not sure which, because the opposition stated both.

Barmak Nassirian, is a higher education policy analyst with more than 25 years experience in student privacy. He has testified before the US Senate and House of Representatives Education Committees regarding K-12 privacy. He testisfied today during today’s hearing about types of data being collected and the importance of protecting that data.  You can read more from Barmak Nassirian at the following links. (Link 1) (Link 2) (Link 3)

Teachers shared that they already are being protective of our children’s information. Rep. Deutsch said that he spoke with a school board in his district and they reported to him that it would cost $25 per student to do this. Different education associations reported that FERPA already protects this information. (We all know that privacy protection through FERPA is a joke.)  Some said that teachers don’t have the time to research student privacy. So, again, I’m not sure why this basic privacy protection for our children, the same protection we as adults have, was voted down. This bill was a no-brainer.

You can see how committee members voted and listen to the hearing here. Or listen below starting at the 3:09 mark.

3 thoughts on “House Ed Committee Votes to Not Protect Student Data

  1. 1.  I really question the $25 per student cost. Where are the references for such a quote? Sounds like hearsay which sound not have any credibility. 2.  Any chance this could be smoked out too?3.  Sounds like Common Core has replaced Common Sense for those voting not to protect privacy.

  2. Killing this bill would ensure the continuing theft of intellectual property that hasn’t been protected via the various means available, this theft is currently going on under our current law. Our students may inadvertently release info which has tremendous value as our students are not often legally sophisticated regarding “intellectual property rights” and are not using the various legal protections. Please click on the following link to learn more about this legal theft and the murderous extremes the internet industrial complex is willing to go to to keep the theft going.

    • I had no idea. The depth of this evil- what else could you call it?- is so hellish I can’t get a handle on it. We have gone so far below ” a good and moral people ” I fear for whats in store for us. We, I, have given this unspeakably wonderful blessing away. I’m so sorry.

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