South Dakota Group and Petition Supporting Jeb Bush for President

Representative Steve Westra, District 13,  has created a group South Dakotans for Jeb BushJeb Bush

on Facebook. He has also started a petition of support to be sent to Jeb Bush at the end of February.

From the Argus Leader, “South Dakota has the opportunity to create one of the first grassroots efforts to encourage Jeb Bush to seek and win the presidency,” said Westra, the chief operating officer at Hegg Companies, Inc. “Jeb Bush is as conservative as South Dakota. His views align with the majority of South Dakota voters who want limited government, balanced budgets, and a strong America.”

Jeb Bush has promoted the replacement of a classic K-12 education for Common Core Standards to create a pipeline of workforce development similar to Germany.

Jeb Bush’s Excellence in Education has partnered with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Pearson to promote the education reform agenda. (Link 1) (Link 2) (Link 3) (Link 4) (Link 5)

Jeb Bush owns the Common Core and it is too late for him to remove himself. If he does run for President his campaign slogan should be: “I believe that federal and state bureaucrats know better for your children than you do.”

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