Teacher Teaches More Than Physics

I am posting this video not because it is about Common Core. I am posting this video because this man is a teacher in the true sense of what education in America is meant to be. There are thousands of teachers just like this one, across this nation, who are the epitome of a teacher.

David Coleman, the lead architect of the Common Core Standards, laments that students write about personal experiences and narratives. He says, “The only problem with that is that as you grow up, people really don’t give a s*** about what you feel or what you think.”  (Link 1) The only problem with that statement, is that really great teachers do care about what their students feel and think. Kids need to know that the people they are spending their days with, do care.  One size does not fit all.

Teaching is not about a test score. There is no test or standardized teacher evaluation form that can give a true measure what great teachers do every day. Students do not exist to be aligned to the workforce. Love is why you exist. There is no standardized test that can give a true measure of what students learn every day. This video represents what we are fighting to keep. To all the great teachers out there – Thank-you!



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