Replays of March 10, 2014, SF School Board Meeting removed from KLRN

The Sioux Falls School District has a channel, KLRN, channel 20, on our local cable network. On that channel the district runs school programs, informational segments, and video of the school board meetings. It is how I personally keep up with what’s going on as many times I am unable to attend school board meetings.

Many of you know that I presented to the Sioux Falls School Board on March 10, 2014, regarding the SBAC Field Test being administered to children this spring. I asked them to give parents information about their children participating in research for SBAC and to obtain informed consent from parent/guardian. You can read about that here. On Saturday, 3/15, I tuned in to catch a part of the meeting regarding another agenda item for that particular meeting. The meeting was not being aired. It had been replaced with legislative update segments that went back to 2009. Because I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt, I decided that maybe someone just programmed the wrong meeting. I didn’t have time, nor did I even think about for a few days. On 3/20, I was checking the guide channel on the TV and where there would normally be a replay of the most recent meeting, there is other programming. I decided to check the school website.

Here is the KLRN schedule for March 10-16.

KLRN Schedule Mar 10 to 16 2014

And here is the KLRN schedule for March 17-23. Please note that replays of the school board meeting have been removed.

KLRN Schedule March 17 to 23 2014


I’m trying really hard to give the district the benefit of the doubt here, but it seems a little suspicious to me. You can watch the 3/10/14 board meeting here.

One thought on “Replays of March 10, 2014, SF School Board Meeting removed from KLRN

  1. Mary, did you call the school and tell them to replay it. If they don’t, I would go to the next meeting and do you presentation again, but make sure the camera is rolling. Yes it sounds very suspicious to me. Good luck.

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