Summary of Discussion and Vote on Resolution to Phase Out Common Core

Jenny Downey has written a great summary of the House session in Pierre yesterday.

From The Accidental Activist

Report card from Pierre:  Vote on a Resolution in Pierre yesterday to phase out Common Core in SD.  Green votes line up with my stance.  Red is either PRO-Common Core or not opposed.  More thoughts below on specific legislators.  Yes, I’m naming names.

Yesterday I rose at 2 am to head out to Pierre and engage with legislators on the hot topic of Common Core.  Was I scared?  Absolutely! Chatting with some friends certainly helped ease my nerves.  (Christine Erickson, Jenna Haggar, Matt McCaulley, Mark Mickelson, Deb Peters)

Everyone in Green in that photo, THANK YOU for listening to your constituents! Everyone in Red, please listen!

My personal observations from having been there, and listened to the LONG and LIVELY debate:

Representative Bolin, who brought the resolution, reminds me of a biblical John the Baptist.  He has been crying out for years, and only now does he enjoy the support of many more allies who are listening.  I loved his passion.  He rocks!

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3 thoughts on “Summary of Discussion and Vote on Resolution to Phase Out Common Core

  1. I was there also and you nailed it exactly how I saw it too! Those representatives who said we parents are “misinformed” or should leave it to the experts because we parents don’t know what is best for our children’s education would actually do their own research wouldn’t be so flippant about who is actually misinformed. They were to busy spouting talking points that Secretary of Education has fed them. Thank you for your post!

  2. Rep. Don Kopp took time to send me a long reply including what they were elected to do. I also received a personal reply from Stac Nelson, he really cares and know what is going on. Thanks for the wonderful post.

  3. Bob Deelstra has been considering running against Paula Hawks for the District 9 rep seat. I spoke to him today after listening to our Rep. Hawks at yesterday’s house session. He is not fully aware of the current legislative sessions/bills but did say he would contact Rep. Bolin to get up to date. I think if he gets fully informed he may be a good option to Rep. Hawks at the next election.

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