Defeating Common Core – Sioux Falls, Saturday, January 4, 2014

January 4, 2014 – Sioux Falls, SD

 You Are Invited

What: Strategy Meeting to Defeat Common Core in SD

Where: Sioux Falls Downtown Library
Date: Saturday, January 4

Time: 9:30-11:30 am

This legislative session (beginning January 2014) will be an optimum time for us to make changes to our laws to STOP COMMON CORE in our South Dakota schools. There will be several bills being proposed. We need EVERYONE to help in seeing that they are passed successfully. No one in Pierre will be taking care of this for us.  Don’t let our legislators think we have gotten tired and are giving up. Our legislators need to hear from us very clearly that we want Common Core State Standards, the future adoption of other nationalized standards (Next Generation Science Standards, C3 Framework for Social Studies Standards and National Sexuality Education Standards,) Smarter Balanced Assessments and data mining completely OUT of our educational system. Without ordinary citizens like you and I taking action, nothing will be changed and without a doubt the situation will worsen.  We can’t allow this opportunity to slip by.

Effective lobbying does not just take place in Pierre.  There is a role for everyone whether or not you can make a trip to Pierre. Very few of us have experience in this political arena, but that is okay. All we need are our voices, perseverance, a little strategy and some coaching. No doubt, the pressure on our legislators from the governor’s office and corporate lobbyists is immense. However, we have heard repeatedly from legislators themselves that they are much more likely to base their vote on what and how much they hear from average citizens then from paid lobbyists. Please join us as we learn about how the legislative process works and as we begin to strategize. Mark Chase from South Dakota Family Policy Council will be presenting and we hope to have several legislators present as well.

Spread the word and invite others.

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