October 10, 2013 – Humboldt SD

My School Says It’s Just Standards.
Isn’t That True?

Common Core
  • is a set of national K-12 standards that takes away local control of South Dakota Schools and shifts all control to the Federal Government in exchange for the promise of Federal Funds
  • gives the Federal Government and certain large corporations access to your child’s private personal and biological information for data collection WITHOUT PARENTAL NOTIFICATION OR CONSENT.
  • is a top-down approach to education imposed upon ALL South Dakota K-12 (maybe earlier) students in PUBLIC, PRIVATE AND HOME SCHOOLS by the South Dakota Board of Education.
  • was quietly developed by private entities, called “stake holders” which benefit them financially when states adopt Common Core Standards. These entities were not subject to sunshine laws or open meetings

Learn the whole story of the Common Core Standards 
     WHEN: October 10, 2013
     WHERE: LMC Workplace Safety Training Center
                     117 N Main St., Humboldt, SD 
     TIME: 7:00-8:30 PM

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