From a Mom’s Heart

Megan Tschetter, a mom in South Dakota posted the following on her FB page. She has given permission to publish it here. Thank-you Megan.

I am writing this with the purest intentions. If you know me, then you know I am not a flake. (I hope) The last year has been a rollercoaster ride concerning my children and school. I knew things in the curriculum had changed and I was shocked not to be able to do 1st grade math. At that time I couldn’t really focus on the work because our 7 year old was coming home crying everyday…..and crying everyday before school. Finally, at the end of the year we found out that our son has a gift. It is a form of intelligence called dyslexia. He shares this gift with many amazing people that have influenced our lives. Walt Disney, Winston Churchill, and Albert Einstein are just a few.
The start of this school year hasn’t been much different…..the crying hasn’t stopped. However, there is one difference, I decided to start digging into the problem deeper. I could understand why Peyton was struggling in reading and writing, but why was he struggling in math too? Then I realized it isn’t just him, it is my daughters, my nephews, my friends kids etc. These are honor students and they no longer can do math. What a blow to their self worth! It is causing much trouble in a lot of homes and the parents cant help their children.
After much reading and looking at how these standards and changes have come about, I am very concerned! Please do your research as a parent. I am asking with a very sincere heart. This is an issue that is gaining much attention from parents across the nation. I am going to stand against a government take over of our schools! If you think I’m joking, look into it. Please! I love teachers and I love my kids’ teachers. I know they are doing their very best! Without teachers our world would be a very sad place. We need to make sure our teachers’ rights to teach in their own style is not taken away! We need to make sure that our rights as parents are not taken out of our kids education! 

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