Are CCSS Developmentally Appropriate?

If you have children that are now K-3 or soon to be in Kindergarten, you owe it to your child to take 25 minutes to watch this video. Dr. Megan Koschnick discusses the inappropriateness of the Common Core Standards for K-3 at the Common Core Conference held at Notre Dame on September 9, 2013.The evidence is mounting that the CCSS for young children will create emotional issues in the young child. Is this what they mean by rigor?

The video has been reposted on you-tube. 

Here is more information about the Common Core and young children:

3 thoughts on “Are CCSS Developmentally Appropriate?

  1. CCSS? == Confused Children Stay Stupid?With all of this money spent on education why haven't the 50 states created 50 Recommended Reading Lists for students by now? Then compare and merge redundancies. Some people had more sense in the 50s. the majority would not pay attention to science fiction back then and now it has turned into Star Wars junk. Try some retro-science fiction.Omnilingual (1957) by H. Beam Piper am sorry but what good is Shakespeare? He lived in a world of horses and swords, our children do not.

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