Charter Schools Not the Answer to Common Core – Education Without Representation

Charlotte Iserbyt has written about the pitfalls of Charter Schools. Charter schools are becoming a focus of those who want to get rid of the Common Core. Charter schools are not the answer to the deliberate dumbing down of our children.
Here are a few highlights from her article.


By Charlotte Iserbyt

September 13, 2013
  • Public schools have school board members elected by registered voters representing the entire community. Charter schools are run by unelected councils. Some are run by elected councils, but those councils do NOT represent the entire tax-paying community and are therefore not legitimately representative of all taxpayers or voters.”
  • This writer served as an elected school board member from 1976-1979. Those years in the seventies were tumultuous years in American education, with extremely controversial federally funded and developed values destroying programs being offered to our nation’s schools through the U.S. Office of Education’s National Diffusion Network. Whether our children were exposed to them depended on one thing: the locally elected school board.
  • We must seize the reins of education and turn it back to its excellence prior to 1965 when we had the finest system of education in the world.
  • Why have those supporting charter schools not taken into consideration all of the above reasons? Why are they not vociferously opposing this “not-so-new” concept of non-academic socialistic governance. Do they not realize that even if they succeed in abolishing the Marxist Communist Core, if they do not focus primarily on abolishing charter schools, they will, in the near future, find their children in their favorite charter school being educated and assessed according to the Marxist Communist Core standards and methods under a new label? And there will be no elected school board to whom they can go to object!
  • My purpose in writing this short article is to stress the very dangerous situation our nation is facing today with citizens, rightfully concerned over the deliberately created dumbing down of the public schools, calling for charter schools run by unelected councils.
  •  A country run by unelected boards and councils may well be characterized as communist. Older dictionaries define this unelected council form of governance as the “Soviet Council Form of Government.”

 You can read the full article here.

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