D.A.R.E Aligned to the Common Core

They keep telling me the Common Core Standards are just that. Just standards. When I have connected the dots, I have been accused of taking liberties. When I say it is a reform agenda, I are told I am misinformed.

Well, now the D.A.R.E.  program has aligned to the Common Core.

From the Watertown Public Opinion:

DARE to return aligned with Common Core

From D.A.R.E. executive summary:
“The ten lessons in D.A.R.E. Keepin it Real are aligned with the National Common Core 5th Grade Standards since 5th grade students are the usual grade level for the introduction of D.A.R.E. curricula. Standards are stated exactly as noted on http://www.corestandards.org. These common core standards should also be reflective on the alignment of individual state standards.”

Please tell me again how it is just standards.

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