"Have It Your Way"

The The Associated School Boards of South Dakota and the School Administrators of South Dakota have announced the theme for their joint convention to be held Aug. 8-9, 2013 in Sioux Falls. “Have It Your Way”.

“Have It Your Way” for most of us is the Burger King theme. So let’s take it from there. You can only choose from the Burger King core menu. You can add a pickle, special sauce, or ketchup to their core menu of burgers and fries, but the core menu is all you get to choose from.  Even is you want to add steak or lobster to your plate, or basics like green beans and peas, you are unable to do that at Burger King. They would look at you and tell you that you can’t have that at Burger King. It’s not on their menu.

With Common Core, our children will be “fed” a menu of Burger King every day. A teacher may add a pickle, or ketchup here or there, but only within the parameters of what the Common Core Standards have decided is “appropriate.” I want my children and grandchildren to receive a balanced education. I don’t think a diet of “Burger King” every day is a very balanced education.


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