Bill Ayers Using K-12 Education to Spread Anti-American Views

Ayers eventually recast himself as an educator and moved his revolution against America into the nation’s classrooms.
Ayers began his career as a kindergarten teacher, but he quickly worked his way into the university system. Once there, he became a celebrated education “expert” who began shaping “all levels of education,” Grabar writes.

When Ayers retired from his university job in 2010, his plan of using the nation’s public schools to change American society from within was firmly in place.

“His is now the dominant view in colleges of education,” Grabar notes. “Others with advanced degrees perpetuate his radicalism in curricula and classrooms. Many parents and citizens don’t know how harmful or insidious these philosophies are.”

Under this approach, K-12 students are asked “fundamental” questions such as, “Who in the world am I?” “How did I get here and where am I going?” “What in the world are my choices?” “How in the world shall I proceed?”

Grabar writes, “Such questions are intended to make students question the values of their parents, churches, and communities, their entire tradition.”

You can read the full story here.

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