South Dakota Changes "Look" of the Logo to Match Common Core

As I am researching, I have noticed that the South Dakota Department of Education has changed it’s colors, from the blue and gold, to match that of Common Core.

The Old South Dakota Dep’t. of Education Common Core Logo

The New South Dakota Dep’t. of Education Common Core Logo
The Common Core Standards Logo
When you go to the SD DOE Common Core web page and click on the Common Core Standards links on the right side of the screen, unless you look closely, it appears the standards are those of South Dakota. In all reality, those are PDF files taken directly from the Common Core Standards website. Please note the two different web addresses for what is exactly the same document. 

Also of note, the standards include History/Social Studies. So while we have been told that these are English Language Arts Standards, unlike in the 1990’s when they tried to fundamentally reform this country through education, and started with History/Social Studies, they have included Social Studies/History in the English Language Arts so as not to face the battle they faced then. 

No matter how much the state tries to make it look like the CCS are ours, they’re not. 

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