2015 Common Core Bills and Important Dates

Below are upcoming dates for committee hearings for bills related to the Common Core.

February 11, 2015

  • House Education Committee 7:45 CT, Room 413
    • HB 1093 An Act to provide for the exemption of certain students from the requirement to take certain academic assessment tests.
      • This is the same bill that was brought last year to allow parents to opt their children out of the state assessments.

February 18, 2015

  • House Education Committee 7:45 am CT, Room 413
    • HB 1223  An Act to end the state’s involvement with common core state standards and to prohibit the adoption of certain multistate educational standards

February 20, 2015

  • House Education Committee 7:45 am CT, Room 413
    • HB 1184 An Act to regulate the use of digital-learning platforms in schools accredited by the state.
    • HB 1198 An Act to require legislative approval for certain academic assessments.

If you are unable to make it to Pierre for any of these meetings you can listen at the following link. Just click on “live audio” next to the House Education Committee.


If you are planning on attending any of the above committee hearings, we are only being given 20 minutes to present. So everyone that attends will not be able to speak during the meeting. But we do need numbers in the room, particularly on the 18th and 20th.

We need to fill the email boxes of the House Education Committee members. All of these bills deserve to get to the House Floor so the people’s representatives can have a discussion about the issues. Below are the members of the House Education Committee and their email addresses. If you choose to email them through legis.sd.gov, please be sure to go back and verify, otherwise the legislator you have contacted will not receive your email.

If you are a teacher or administrator and want to send a message to the committee but don’t want to be identified for obvious reasons, please feel free to email me at mary.sdacc@gmail.com  I do need your name to verify that you are a teacher or administrator, but I will NOT share your name.

You can email House Education Committee Members directly with this list.

2015 South Dakota Legislature

House Education Committee Members

Name Chair/Vice

Campbell, Blaine “Chip”   rep.campbell@state.sd.us

Deutsch, Fred                     rep.deutsch@state.sd.us

Gibson, Peggy                    rep.gibson@state.sd.us

Hawks, Paula                      rep.hawks@state.sd.us

Holmes, Thomas                 rep.holmes@state.sd.us

Hunt, Roger                         rep.hunt@state.sd.us

Johns, Timothy, Vice Chair   rep.johns@state.sd.us

Kaiser, Dan                           rep.kaiser@state.sd.us

Klumb, Joshua                      rep.klumb@state.sd.us

May, Elizabeth                      rep.may@state.sd.us

McCleerey, Steven                rep.mccleerey@state.sd.us

Sly, Jacqueline, Chair             rep.sly@state.sd.us

Tulson, Burt                           rep.tulson@state.sd.us

Wollmann, Mathew               rep.wollmann@state.sd.us

Zikmund, Larry                      rep.zikmund@state.sd.us

rep.campbell@state.sd.us, rep.deutsch@state.sd.us, rep.gibson@state.sd.us, rep.hawks@state.sd.us, rep.holmes@state.sd.us, rep.hunt@state.sd.us, rep.johns@state.sd.us, rep.kaiser@state.sd.us, rep.klumb@state.sd.us, rep.may@state.sd.us, rep.mccleerey@state.sd.us, rep.sly@state.sd.us, rep.tulson@state.sd.us, rep.wollmann@state.sd.us, rep.zikmund@state.sd.us

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