Jane Robbins: Intrusive Surveys Part of Educational Progressive Mindset

Bob Kellogg has written about the intrusive middle school behavioral surveys happening in South Dakota. Here are a few excerpts.

The survey wants to know a lot about students’ lives: drug use, drinking habits and, of course, their sexual habits, as well among other things. When a couple of concerned moms went to the school to see the survey for themselves, they were told that showing them the questions would compromise the results.

Jane Robbins of the American Principles Project is not surprised. She says “educational progressives” cut parents out because parents “aren’t experts” and might tend to compromise the results.

“They might pull their child out of something, or question something. And they can’t have that because that messes up the whole plan.”

Robbins agrees noting that even the U.S. Postal Service was hacked into recently. So she thinks such surveys may or may not be anonymous.

She says these surveys are not directly related to Common Core. But she says, “It’s all part of an educational progressive mindset. [Educational progressives] have got to have every school doing the same standards and ultimately with the same curriculum. And [they’ve] got to collect data on anything and everything because otherwise how can we know what’s effective and what’s not effective.”

Robbins says they’ve got to know everything in order to control everything.

Moreover, the South Dakota legislature unanimously passed the Student Privacy Act (SB63) last year, which requires schools to get parental consent before administering surveys about behaviors, beliefs, attitudes and dispositions, all the kinds of data the “educational progressives” desire.

You can read the entire story at Education Action Group News.

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