7th Grader Shows Creativity Writing A Poem About the Testing

Eliya Ahmad, seventh grader at MS 447 in Brooklyn, wrote the following poem on the back of her testing booklet, April 2, 2014. She liked it, copied it down on scrap paper, and would like to share it widely. –  Dohra Ahmad, Eliya’s mother

 April used to be poetry month,
 Where we’d learn about rhythm and rhyme,
 But now that standardized tests have set in,
 They tell us we just don’t have time.
 There was ‘Poem in Your Pocket’ day,
 Where you share your unique voice,
 But now creativity’s gone away,
 Now it’s nothing but multiple choice.
 They say tests show how smart you are,
 And teach you all you know,
 But how does filling in circles,
 Help anyone learn and grow?
 In class, when we could be thinking,
 Learning how we can go far,
 We’re categorized by the grades we get,
 Like those numbers are all we are.

          – Eliya Ahmad, age 12 (written on back of ELA testing booklet, April 2, 2014)


Thank-you, Eliya, for sharing this beautiful poem from your heart!

2 thoughts on “7th Grader Shows Creativity Writing A Poem About the Testing

  1. Can I put in to paper this poem?     And what do you think about sending in fo about common core to newspapers People still don,t know anything about cc  Have no computers and have to make copies  and send.  Thanks Dottie

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