Action Required on SB 63 and SB 64

I spoke with Representative Bolin a few minutes ago. He too is disappointed in how the HB 1187 vote went, but the pendulum is swinging in our favor from where he started in this battle. And he is encouraged by that. And he wants to encourage you not to give up. The number of emails received by House members in the past 24 hours was phenomenal. You are an army of parents and grandparents. You are the advocacy group for your children and grandchildren.

While I know we are disappointed in the vote on HB 1187 on the House floor today, we have more to do. The legislative session is not over. There are two bills coming up for vote on the House floor. SB 63, the bill regarding student privacy, and SB 64, the bill requiring public hearings before adopting any further standards.

SB 63 is a good start at protecting the privacy of our children’s personally identifiable information. It doesn’t go near far enough, but we have to start somewhere.

Representative Bolin is asking that you contact representatives and encourage them to vote  ”yes on SB 64.”

You can click on the Contact Lawmakers link above, or here is a list of all Representatives’ email addresses.;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

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