Former Governor Rounds to focus on Promoting the Common Core

When I spoke with former Governor Mike Rounds, now Senate candidate, at the Sioux Empire Fair in August 2013, he told me he was glad I was working to get rid of the Common Core in South Dakota. After a very brief exchange, he invited me to coffee so we could discuss this further. And then he revealed the truth. He said that he would like it if when we have coffee, his friend Rick Melmer could join us. Dr. Rick Melmer is working on a national level to help schools and states implement the Common Core. He is essentially working with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on education reform.  (link 1) (link 2)

With this story in the Mitchell Daily Republic, we have confirmation that Mike Rounds is “all in” with the Common Core and relinquishing our educational autonomy to the control of privately held trade organizations. The National Governor’s Asociation and the Council of Chief State School Officers sound official, but they are nothing but Washington, DC trade organizations. The Bipartisan Policy Center Governor’s Council also sounds official, but in all reality, it too is a Washington DC trade organization.

This highlight from the story:

The governors will devote this year to clarifying much of the misinformation including claims that Common Core is a federal initiative and that it dictates exactly what will be taught in each individual classroom. The effort will begin with an event with current Delaware Gov. Jack Markell and the Chamber of Commerce Foundation this month.

I thought one of the goals of the Common Core was to make sure that everyone is being taught the same thing.

The former governor still believes that Washington bureaucrats know what is better for our children than we do.

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