Your Action Required Today – HCR 1008

Your action is required today!

Representative Jim Bolin has filed HCR 1008,  a resolution to get the Common Core and all related activites out of South Dakota. It will he heard, discussed and voted on in the House of Representatives at 2:00 pm today. There are several things you can do to help get this resolution passed:

  • If you can make it to Pierre at 2:00 to be in the gallery of the House, please do so.

  • Please email your representatives. They need to hear from you. In the subject line, please write “Vote YES on HCR 1008“.

There is also a bill, HB 1030, which which refers to teacher evaluations under the new teacher evaluation systems. As this bill stands, we do not want this bill to pass. Please email your representatives on this bill also with the subject line, “Vote No on HB 1030“.

If you are unable to get to Pierre, you can listen to the House session today here.

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