SB 62, SB 63 and SB 64 Require Your Action NOW!

Well, on the education front, the legislature is hopping. And we need you now! Please email your senator before 1 pm.

SB 62, SB 63 and SB 64 will be heard and voted on in the Senate on Thursday afternoon, 1/23/2014. Senators need to hear from you now. Please put how you are asking them to vote on the following bills in the subject line. For example, when you email your senator about SB 62, the subject line could say “Vote No on SB 62”, and then you could give your reasons for voting no in the body of the letter. If you use theLRC link to email your senator, after you hit send, be sure to go to your email for the confirmation email and click the link for confirmation your email is sent. If you do not complete this step, your senator will not receive your email. If you don’t know who your senator is, you can find out who it is here.

SB 62 is the bill that creates a council to study the Common Core Standards. This bill is problematic on several levels.

  • The make-up of the Council.
  • The scope of the items they would be evaluating is very limited.
  • Council will report their findings by Dec. 1, 2015. Therefore, the standards would not be addressed in the legislature for two more years. For some children that would be 4 years of the Common Core before there could “possibly” be a “plan” to get South Dakota out of the Common Core. Leaving our children in the Core for possible 5 years or more. Even if the make up of the council is changed by an amendment, 5 years of a child’s life is a long time. Five years of the twelve they spend in school is 42% of their education that will be lost in the untested, unproven Common Core. Oh, wait, I forgot. Part of the Common Core has been tested. The Common Core mandated method of teaching geometry, has been tried and has never been taught successfully, with any children, anywhere in the world.
  • Analyzing the Common Core to see if it will work now, after two years of implementation, makes no sense to me at all. It’s a little late. Mark Chase of Family Policy Council says it like this. The train leaves the station, and two hours later, you decide to see if the route you have sent the train down will work. And not only that, now you are going to analyze how much this trip is going to cost you. It’s too late. Analyzing the Common Core should have been done two years before being implemented two years ago.
On a personal note. I take offense when my grandchildren are referred to as a generation of children. I understand that’s a way to refer to all children. But I believe if those who refer to our children as a generation, would personalize the loss of 5 years of each child’s education, i.e. my child, my grandchild, the Common Core would be gone.

Please email your senator and ask him/her to vote “NO” on SB 62.

SB 63 will prevent the state from sharing your child’s information.

This bill is a good start on protecting your children. But does not go far enough. It does not prevent SBAC from sharing the personally identifiable information they glean from the assessments. It does not protect your child’s data from the state of South Dakota tracking your child’s data. But as I said, this bill is a good start to protecting your child’s personal data.
Please email your senator and ask him/her to vote “YES” ON SB 63. 

SB 64 – Requires no further adoption of multi-state standards before July 1, 2016. It does not prevent the adoption of any standards. While this bill is not perfect, it is a start.
Please email your senator and ask him/her to vote “YES” on SB 64.

I know this is not much notice, but this is how the legislature works.


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