Parents Share Concerns About Common Core With Tri-Valley School Board



During what was meant to be a small portion of the Tri-Valley School Board meeting, several parents took a moment to express their concerns on the direction of education, a direction pointing toward two words: Common Core.

“I believe maybe somebody has our best intentions at hand, but I think that’s the local school district. I don’t really think that our government has our children’s best interest at heart,” parent Megan Tschetter said.
The Common Core standards are meant to be a clear benchmark of achievement in the classroom. But some parents are not convinced. They say the new standards fall short in math and they’re concerned that reading assignments include selections with adult subject matter.
While the parents said their piece, they feel it may not be enough to make a difference.
“I think that our teachers are doing their very best with what they’ve been handed. I don’t feel like our teachers have a choice. I don’t feel like our school district has a choice,” Tschetter said.

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