Argus Leader Letter to Editor: Beware of Common Core

Beware of Common Core
Written by
Martha A. Masgai

Common Core is the unconstitutional federal takeover of our children’s education. Forty-five states have implemented Common Core without congressional or state legislative approval. The majority of citizens know nothing about this intrusion on our nation’s most valuable asset, our children.
Common Core is bad to the core. The estimated cost to implement is $16 billion, with 90 percent paid by the states and local school districts. Children’s privacy will be violated from federal data collection from pre-school to work force. This mandated collection site in South Dakota is called “STARS.” Parents, local school boards and superintendents will not have any say in the educational standards or curriculum. Common Core math and English/language arts already have been implemented. Early indicators show that test scores have dropped significantly in states that have implemented these two Common Core subjects. Be aware that these new standards never have been tested in schools.
I write this as a concerned parent wanting academic excellence for all our children. Please research and learn about Common Core at and Call or write to your state representatives and voice your concerns. Our children are our future.

Argus Leader 

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