Letter: Common Core ‘misinformation’ a matter of perception

Joy Pullmann of the Heartland Institute responds to the Argus Leader article State counters Common Core ‘misinformation’.

There is, indeed, a lot of “misinformation” about Common Core floating around. I would wager it’s largely from differences over ways to view the same events.
For example: Was adopting Common Core “voluntary,” as the Argus Leader writes? Not if you believe it coercive for the Obama administration to, as it did, tell states their chances of getting federal stimulus money partly depended on them adopting Common Core. Not if you think it’s coercive for the administration to similarly condition No Child Left Behind federal waivers on also adopting Common Core. Sure, states could do whatever they want, but it would cost them a shot at millions during a time of recession and big budget cuts.
It’s also a little frustrating that folks charging “misinformation” (the article quotes the word at least three times — it must have been on the state list of recommended communication techniques), at least in the article, nowhere say exactly what things Common Core detractors are wrong about. That severely detracts from the public’s ability to consider this important question of who decides what children will learn.
Joy Pullmann, education research fellow
Heartland Institute

 Letter: Common Core ‘misinformation’ a matter of perception
Joy Pullmann is a research fellow of The Heartland Institute and managing editor of School Reform News, a national monthly publication. In that capacity, she has interviewed and produced podcasts with many of the leading figures in school reform. She previously was the assistant editor for American Magazine at the American Enterprise Institute.

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