South Dakota Common Core Conference – Rapid City

If you were unable to attend the Common Core Conference In Rapid City on August 24, 2013, here are a few videos of some of the days events and speakers. 

The first one is Jane Robbins, JD, of American Principles Project. Many of you are familiar with Jane from the Stop Common Core Videos. Thank-you Jane Robbins for traveling to South Dakota to share with us.

This is the video of Kitty Werthmann of SD Eagle Forum. She grew up in Austria during the time of Hitler’s rise to power. Thank-you Kitty for sharing your story. This is a must watch.
This is video of the eleven member panel taking question from the audience at the Rapid City Conference

This video is one of the workshops held during the conference. Jordan Mason, South Dakota Campaign for Liberty, breaks down the Caustic Costs of Common Core specific to South Dakota.

We want to thank South Dakota Citizens for Liberty for hosting this great conference. We also want to thank the sponsors of this event: Guardians of the Constitution, Life Liberty Group, Northern Hills Patriots, Concerned Women for America, Family Policy Council, Eagle Forum, Family Heritage Alliance, Campaign for Liberty, The Sioux Falls 9.12 Project, The Mitchell 9.12 Conservative’s Project, and The Madison 9.12 Project.

Thank-you American Clarion for recording and posting the great videos for everyone to share.

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