Tracking Our Children?

August 7, 2013
So, the data mining on our children, has begun and it has gone retroactive. At the Tea Area School District school enrollment fair, this form was presented to parents. I don’t have the form for the upper grades, but was told by a parent that while enrolling her Junior in High School, she was also asked about his preschool enrollment. What does preschool enrollment have to do with how a junior in high school is going to perform?  
If this is truly about studying their early childhood programs, why all the questions about what type of preschool? Could it be because of the data points the federal government is requiring the state to collect on children? 

Is this a part of Arne Duncan’s vision for tracking students from preschool to career?
We have shared about data collection and the issues it presents before. One of the most egregious is how the United States Department of Education has changed the Family Education Rights Privacy Act of 1974 and has required states to change their education privacy laws to be able to share personally identifiable information with the federal government and other “stakeholders,” whoever they are. You can read more about these problems at the following links. 

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