Jane Robbins, JD, of American Principles Project, Responds to SD Board of Regents Executive Director

From the Rapid City Journal:

Jack R. Warner, Executive Director and CEO, South Dakota Board of Regents wrote a piece for the Rapid City Journal in which he touts the Common Core as being the way to create a workforce for the 21st Century. 
You can read Mr. Warner’s article here.
Common core standards an economic issue

Now Jane Robbins, has penned a response. Jane Robbins, J.D., writes from Stone Mountain, Ga., where she is an attorney and senior fellow with American Principles Project and co-author of “Controlling Education From the Top: Why Common Core Is Bad for America.” Robbins will be the main speaker at a South Dakota Citizens for Liberty conference in Rapid City on Aug. 24.
Common Core instills mediocrity in education

South Dakota Board of Regents President Jack Warner (July 13 Forum) has a firm grasp on all the talking points of the Common Core proponents: The new national standards are “rigorous;” they will make our students “college- and career-ready;” they will lead to “deeper understanding.” All of this sounds good, but none of it is proven (the standards have never been tested or piloted) and none of it is true.
In fact, as one of the authors of the national math standards has publicly admitted, the “college” that Common Core is designed to prepare our students for is a nonselective community college, not a four-year university. The only mathematician on the Common Core Validation Committee (that is, the only scholar with an advanced degree in mathematics, not education) refused to sign off on the standards because he said they would put our students at least two years behind those of higher performing nations by eighth grade.
The Common Core English language arts standards fare no better in the “rigor” department. In the first place, they were written by only two people (David Coleman and Sue Pimentel), neither of whom has ever taught English. Indeed, a search of the entire “Work Group” that was formed to (theoretically) help draft the standards reveals not a single English teacher or English professor. Dr. Sandra Stotsky, who is the nation’s premier expert on English standards and who served on the Common Core Validation Committee, refused to sign off on them because she recognized them to be inadequate for preparing students for authentic college coursework.
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You can learn more about the Common Core Conference, August 24, 2013, Rapid City, SD here.

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