Governor Daugaard Leading South Dakota to the New World Order

From Steve Sibson, January 2012:
I attended Governor Daugaard’s budget presentation this morning in Mitchell. His goal was to promote two initiatives. One was a Workforce Initiative and the other was in education, as the Secretary of Education was present. He actually admitted that the two were to be connected at the hip.
He started out with the South Dakota Workforce Initiative, Not sure how you get the “WINS” Initiative out of that, but he mentioned the importance of South Dakota being a part of a “global high-tech economy”. The WINS web site also mentions that goal:
That’s why we’ve launched South Dakota Wins, a workforce development program that brings together government, education and business leaders to capitalize on South Dakota’s tremendous potential. The components of this program will help South Dakota develop and attract a stronger, more educated workforce, positioning us well to compete in an ever changing a dynamic global economy.
Clearly this is the “Planned Global Economy” of the New World Order as stated here. And also note the combination of “government, education and business leaders”. Education is now about providing human resources to the monopoly capitalists. And for those of us who are critical thinkers, we know that planned economies are not the most efficient, and they lead us to a tyrannical situation. Daugaard proved it with statistics. From 1971 to 2011, the numbers of students in K-12 decreased 28.5% as the number of teachers increased 10%, while support and administrative headcount jumped 65%. The result has been the doubling of the cost of per student while academic results remained flat.
So he made the argument that it would be foolish to put more money into a system that does not provide results. Unfortunately, his “change of focus” actually means doing more of the same that caused the problems in the first place. He correctly stated that the key was effective teachers (versus added a bunch of mediocre teachers as we have done). What he proposed next has already been underway, and that was establishing standards with recently adopted Common Core Standards as the criteria for tests that are to be used three times a year. Based on those results, the top 20% of teachers will received a $5,000 bonus. This is promoted as merit pay, but I see it more as a pay-off to the teacher’s unions to get their support to force international standards down our throats. He will probably drop the threat of removing tenure to pull a Hegelian dialectic based compromise.
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