Common Core in Catholic Schools

From Stop Common Core in North Carolina
Catholic Children in Grave Danger: A Report on Common Core in Catholic Schools

Stephanie Block directs our attention to a research report by Betsy Kraus titled “Catholic Children in Grave Danger: A Report on Common Core in Catholic Schools.” Kraus list the “dangers” she sees in Common Core, including the denial of “absolute truth in God,” “making all truth relative and determined by group consensus,” Yet Common Core Standards are currently in over 100 U.S. dioceses introduced through the Common Core Catholic Identity Initiative (CCCII). Kraus reports that the Standards are designed to re-educate students from traditional to “global” values by focusing on the broader social implications of Common Core with Catholic social teachings. For example, “sustainable development,” an element of Common Core’s package, seeks to limit human populations and eventually eliminate private property and the financial independence it insures. “Conflict resolution,” another component of the Common Core package, fosters a group-think “based on religious synthesis and syncretism.” One student is quoted, saying: “You can’t be part of the consensus process and keep your faith in God… people learn to compromise individual beliefs and ideas in order to work for ‘common goals.’…Working together as a team, (soon) using the same currency, and having the same leader(s), the same ideals, and the same minds, all over the world, is all a part of the global government that the United Nations proposes.”  Kraus sees how Common Core is an effective way of producing more compliant worker for a “planned economy.”  Students are being trained, not educated.

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