Indoctrination in Zaner Bloser Curriculum

Indoctrination in First Grade Reading and Writing Curriculum written specifically to the Common Core Standards.

 – Not only does this video show the social justice part of the Common Core Curriculum – the message is that Mom and Dad may not want what is for the “common good” and we may have to manipulate them, because they are not very smart. The other evening, I was at a gymnastics class for my two granddaughters. When the class was over, they left with their mother and I left in my vehicle. We live on the same side of town and I was behind them for part of the drive home. Shortly after arriving home, my first grade granddaughter called me and asked if I was behind them when they were by the McDonald’s. When I said that yes I was, her response was, “Well, mom said you were behind us and she told us to wave to you, but I thought my mom was lying.” I said, “Your mom would never lie to you and make you wave at a stranger.” She responded with, “Yes she would.”  Now, my daughter-in-law is one of the best mothers I know. My granddaughters are so blessed to have her for their mother. I asked her who told her that her mother would lie to her. She didn’t know. I knew then, it was part of the indoctrination, the underlying message of the curriculum, and the national take-over of our schools.

The latter part of this video gives you a glimpse of what report cards will be like. More to come on that later.

Thank-you Utahans Against Common Core. 

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