Kristi Noem’s Signature Missing from Rep. Luetekmeyer’s Letter to Arne Duncan

A few weeks ago, we shared with you a letter from Representative Blaine Luetkemeyer, (MO) to Arne Duncan, US Secretary of Education. 

In this letter he expresses serious concerns with the manner in which the US Department of Education has involved itself with Common Core standards. The letter also notes the highly irregular process used to change the Congressional FERPA allowing the sharing of individual, personally identifiable student records.

We asked you to contact Representative Kristi Noem’s office encouraging her to co-sign the letter. 33 Representatives signed the letter. Please note that Kristi Noem’s signature is absent from the letter.

He also notes that, “Because states opted-in to Common Core standards, there is little Congress can do to provide relief from these burdensome and misguided standards.  Instead the ability to opt-out of these standards lies within the state.”

We have much work to do. 

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