South Dakota’s Data Mining – Things I’ve noticed…..

I was looking through the RFP for South Dakota’s LDS… and found this to be interesting…

(You can find the RFP here:

Page 4:

The SD DOE anticipates that the LDS will collect and store detail level student, teacher, course,
enrollment, assessment, and program participation data. The system will allow the SD DOE to
link teachers to students and specific course enrollments. This includes the ability to calculate
Highly Qualified Teachers (HQT) at the course section level. In addition, the system will possess
the ability to track a student from Kindergarten through postsecondary education—eventually
including their entry into the workforce.

Page 9:

The warehouse will include district, school, staff and student data in a longitudinal format as well as elements required for all State and Federal reporting. Student data will utilize the existing SD DOE unique State student identifier that will link demographic, enrollment and program data with assessment data uploaded from third party vendors.

My school district keeps telling me they will not have anything to do with this database, but I don’t see how they are exempt.

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