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We support local control of education in South Dakota:  South Dakotans Against Common Core.

In the field  that says “position,” please identify yourself as a parent, teacher, grandparent, school board member, legislator, or representing an organization.

Petition to Stop the Common Core and the Data Mining of South Dakota Children

If you would  like to be added to our email list, please fill out this form to be added to the SD Against Common Core email distribution.  We will keep you apprised of opportunities and resources you can take advantage of to fight Common Core and related assessments and database tracking in South Dakota.  This includes time sensitive and critical legislative updates once the Legislature is in session.  We will not sell or share your data.


2 thoughts on “Sign the Petition

  1. Common Core replaces one failed program (NCLB) with another socialist program worse than the first. I personally know a grade school mom who can’t help her 2nd grader with math, and besides that he told her that she’s not the teacher. This has been one of the most common complaints about Common Core, the undermining of parental authority. This alone is reason enough to scrap the whole business. Follow the money and see who really benefits from Common Core. I guarantee you it is not teachers, students, or parents.

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